Britain’s Glorious Castles

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Britain’s stone walls have a long history to tell. Some of them have rich history, battles, murders and possible ghosts that still haunt its castles and palaces to this day.

You will be spellbound by some of these most mystical spots:

1.  Windsor Castle

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The weekend home of Queen Elizabeth II, this 900 year old castle is largest occupied castle. This is way more than a castle, the grounds include a large church, several homes, and a royal palace.

2. Tower of London

Officially  Her Majesty’s  Royal Palace this castle has dominated the view of the skyline for over 1000 years. It has also housed the crown jewels. This castle has over a million visitors a year.

3. Hampton Court 

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This 1000 room castle is located along the river Thames and is known for it’s spectacular views. Acres and acres of garden fill this beautiful castle. A famous maze lies right outside the palace confusing visitors.

4. Warwick Castle 

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This medieval castle is known for its beautiful interiors. Located about 100 miles away from London, this castle is now a host to re-enacted jousting competitions.

5. Leeds Castle 

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This stunning castle is known as one of the world’s most loveliest castle. It covers a huge history of 900 years. It’s glorious gardens and marvelous castle provide the perfect backdrop.







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