Dive Into The Mysterious Underwater Cities of The World

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There is a whole world of fascinating underwater cities that today are nothing more than lost memories of the past. The discovery of these lost and ancient cities provides us with deeper insights into the history of human civilizations.

The idea of sunken cities holds immense appeal as they could be sources of knowledge and treasure. These sunken cities can be a hive for archaeological exploration as they hold many secrets.

Let’s get to know some of the lost wonders around the world.


Baiae, Italy

An ancient Roman city that was like a vacation home of the rich and fabulous. The city was popular due to its constant source of water and numerous hot springs. When the water levels began to rise, the city was submerged.

Pavlopetri, Greece

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Estimated to be at least 5000 years old, Pavlopetri is considered to be the oldest submerged city in the world.

Port Royal, Jamaica

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Port Royal in Jamaica was once known as the “wickedest city on earth”. After it was hit by a massive earthquake, a large section of the town along the northern waterfront slid beneath the sea.

Cleopatra’s Alexandria, Egypt

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The kingdom of Cleopatra was discovered off the shores of Alexandria, Egypt. The city was completely submerged along with its statues, artefacts and other treasures.

Dwarka, Gulf of Cambay, India

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The City of Dwarka is sacred as to Indians as it was the home of Lord Krishna. As per hindu mythology, the city was swallowed up by a massive flood, thus returning it to the ocean.

Yonaguni, Japan

The Yonaguni Monument was built when the area was above sea level some 10,000 years ago. Whether the structure was natural or man-made still remains a mystery.

Shi Cheng, China

The Lion City has been hidden under 131 feet of water since 1959. The city was submerged when a dam was constructed and a lake was needed.

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