This Italian Artist Creates Stunning Wall Art

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Eron, an Italian street artist has been taking the internet by storm with his latest spray painting titled “Concrete vs Concrete”.
Named as the “Best Italian Street Artist” during the late 1990’s Eron has worked hard over the last two decades to create his distinctive and unique style. His work always blurs the boundary between the pictorial and the real.

His works usually revolve around public places or canvases. And, when he does paint on the urban walls it is often related to some social issue. Whereas when he paints on canvases he goes way beyond the simple figurative representation.

The details in this urban wall art are so on point

A video posted by ERON (@eron_artist) on

The Bridge of Graffiti

A photo posted by ERON (@eron_artist) on

Watch Eron at work in his latest wall painting in San Clemente – Rimini (Italy)

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