The World’s Best Road Trips

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Road tripping is always fun. It helps you discover new places along with experiencing the best landscapes, it also helps you discover a side of you that you might not be aware of.
If you are the kind who likes expeditions, these five places around the world are the best places to take out your car and go out for a drive.

1.   Garden Route, South Africa

This route in South Africa runs from Mossel Bay in the Western Cape to the Storms River in the Eastern Cape. This roadway has mountains and vineyards on one side and rocky shores and sandy beaches on the other side. Doesn’t this make it a great option for a getaway.

2. Columbia River Gorge, USA 

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One of the most scenic roads mainly due to the waterfall and having America’s second largest rivers on its way. Though only a 112 km route this pathway will make you want to drive on it.

3. Iceland Ring Road 

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A 1339-kilometre road that runs right around the island, the N1 enables you to enjoy Iceland’s awe-inspiring scenery, taking you from fertile valleys and snow-capped mountains to lava fields, vivid blue fjords and volcanic craters.

4. Atlantic Road, Norway

A mere 8.3km road is really stunning.  The Storseisunde bridge is the longest and perhaps the most famous bridge of the Atlantic road. It’s curve above the water makes it a sight to behold. One can also spot seals during a calm weather.

5. Big Sur, California

One of the most iconic and famous drive in the US is that along California’s Highway-1 – of which the highlight is the Big Sur. With 145km of wild and undeveloped coastline, the road curves through bedrock cliffs above the ocean; below hide sandy beaches.





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