His Art Isn’t Complete Until He Sets It on Fire


While painting with oils, acrylic, watercolors and charcoal might be familiar to most; one artist from Wyoming creates incredibly detailed works of art with gunpowder as his material of choice. Danny Shervin grew up near the Grand Teton National Park and its picturesque surroundings which fueled his passion for art.

Danny stumbled upon gunpowder painting during his college days at the University of Montana in Bozeman and began experimenting with it. Like many artists, he draws inspiration from the local landscape and animals, but the way he brings his art to life is simply mind-blowing.

The artist begins by meticulously arranging tiny specks of gunpowder on canvas or wood panels. Once the final image of the animal or landscape is ready, Danny ignites it with a lighter. Watching the flame ignite the powder and move across the works of art in waves is mesmerizing. The flame travels throughout the entire composition, burning the image into the surface.

Take a minute to enjoy this beautiful art in the below video.

Gunpowder Art

Now That’s Epic

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