Artist Creates Amazing Handmade Floating Islands


Mitchell is a multimedia designer who specializes in creating personalized gifts and professional designs. He relishes the chance to make custom items and creates everything from graphic prints to unique home decor and accessories. He already owns a business in graphic design, but has decided to expand and create more.

The designer was inspired by the illustrations of floating islands and simply couldn’t resist the idea of making some of his own. His floating islands are for display purposes only and each island is made by hand using recycled cardboard, felt and clay. Some of them are fitted with a small battery-operated LED and double as nightlights.

Mitchell is your creative consultant who can give those homemade projects the distinctive feel you’re seeking. If you’re considering a logo, a personalized gift, or something you saw online that you want desperately for your home, contact him with a brief description of the design. He is there to bring your daydreams to life. To learn more about his works or on how to place an order, visit DaydreamHunter.

Ancient Temple in a Jungle

Floating Island Tree House

Floating Lighthouse

Floating Zen Garden

Magical Tower

Pirate Cove Filled With Treasure