Artist Creates Beautiful Lamps With Mushrooms And Mountain Crystals


Manuel Baade is a skilled 2D animator as well as a skilled carpenter from Germany. For the last 13 years he had been working in different Game Studios as a GFX artist. However, there came a point in his life when he could no longer continue working as a GFX artist and wanted to try something new.

As a graphic artist and skilled carpenter, Manuel wanted to come up with a project that would enable him to integrate all his skills. He is also a nature lover and loves to go into the forests to collect mushrooms. And that is how the idea of creating lamps out of mushrooms and mountain crystals came about.

It took almost a year of research and experimenting in LED technologies, electronics and the tools that he’d require to get the project running. Manuel says that he collects the deadwood and mushrooms in the forests around Berlin and Brandenburg. He gains new insights and ideas with each mushroom lamp and also figured that he could use mountain crystals.

His love for nature is expressed in all his artworks and each lamp is unique, created with a lot of love and passion. Check out some of his wonderful creations below.



Deadwood Comes to Life

With Mountain Crystals

A Different Type of Art