Artist Creates Colorful Bugs And Beetles From E-Waste


Our society today relies so heavily on electronics that people discard them as much as they are used. Electronic waste or e-waste is still a major polluting factor causing damage to ecosystems all over the world.

The level of awareness on how to properly dispose and recycle e-waste is growing worldwide. There are some outstanding people who use their talents to help address the issues of e-waste and that’s where artist Julie Alice Chappell comes in.

The UK-based artist creates beautiful miniature sculptures of insects using circuit boards, wires, and other tiny components from computers and other discarded electronic items.

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Each sculpture comes from an electronic device that has been cut and shaped into the organic form of an insect. Occasionally, she add in some of the patterning and uses Swarovski crystals for extra sparkle.

It all started years ago when she came across a box of electronic components at a local materials exchange center. All the wires and tiny components immediately reminded her of ants and that is how the idea was born.

After completing a degree program in Fine Arts, she realized that she could use found objects in her artwork. By creating and showing her pieces, she hopes to make people aware of the dangers that e-waste poses for the environment.

Her amazing pieces of art are a wonderful way of proving that you can be Eco-friendly and artistic at the same time.

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