Artist Creates Detailed Portraits With A Magnifying Glass


We probably remember using magnifying glasses during our boy scouts days for lighting fires. Jordan Mang-osan, an award winning Filipino artist uses magnifying glasses to etch beautiful drawings on the surface of wooden boards.

Jordan is a pyrographer who harnesses the sun’s power to create beautiful art.  He draws inspiration from the culture, history and environment of his native Cordilleras region and of the native Igorot people.

While many of us may think that art being burned into a piece of wood might be random symbols or incoherent scribbles, Jordan draws amazing portraits of Philippines’ beautiful rice terraces, his people and scenes from their culture.

He creates the most detailed and incredible images as he has mastered the art of using the magnifying glass. Check out some his outstanding artwork here.


Solar Drawing on Plywood

Amazing Art Using a Magnifying Glass

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Igorot Tribal

Terraced Rice Fields

Wow! How Was This Done Without Using The Hands

Acrylic and Solar Drawing

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