Artist Creates Miniature Landscapes Out of Cardboard And Wood


Joshua Smith is a miniature sculpture and stencil artist who resides in Adelaide, South Australia. The artist is known to perfectly recreate models of gritty and decaying urban landscapes.

Initially a Stencil Artist for 16 years, Josh turned to the world of miniature sculpture recently to try something new. His works have been showcased all round the world in galleries in Paris, Berlin, London, Melbourne and Hong Kong.

Gritty landscapes are his favorite models. He recreates everything from the dark alleyways down to the chewed up piece of gum next to the trashcan.

Josh picks up every detail in his miniatures and all the materials used are as close to the real thing as possible. Take a look at some of his amazing creations below.


 Kowloon Miniature

Real Objects Are Used For Their Miniature Counterparts

A Dumpster Made of Cardboard, Paint and Charcoal

Even The Streetlight Shows How Intricate The Work Is

Simply Too Good For Words

Do You See a Kung Fu School In The Upper Floor