Artist Creates Realistic Handmade Miniatures And Dioramas


Raphael Truffi Bortholuzzi is an artist and miniaturist based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has been doing visual arts since the age of seventeen and began building dioramas in 2010, an ongoing project that he calls “Grandmondo Miniatures,” meaning “big world” miniatures.

Diorama is an artistic presentation, in a very realistic way, scenes of real life exposure to education or entertainment purposes. The scene can be plants, animals, landscapes, historical events, etc., and the greatest challenge lies in simulating an environment which existed in the past or still exists today.

His dioramas are fantastic in their smallness, and sometimes delve into imagined worlds, but for the most part, Raphael prefers to imitate real life. As an artist, he has always drawn inspiration from his surroundings, and having grown as a collector of vintage cars and antiques along with his father, he is also fascinated by classic and vintage cars.

Raphael uses a variety of materials ranging from metal, wood, glass and even computer parts, while organic materials are used to create moss, grass and dirt for vegetation. He prefers to avoid using human figures in his art as it leaves the scene cleaner and expands the imagination of the viewer.

Below are some of his truly marvelous creations.

Miniature Farmhouse

Rusted Old Car

Miniature Bilbo’s House

Diorama Wishing Well

Awesome! Honda Garage

A Stunning Piece of Work

[Image Source: @instagram]