Beautiful Flower Crowns That’ll Blow Your Mind Away


Flower crowns make for a romantic wedding hair accessory, and are a great alternative to a traditional wedding veil. They make a great addition to your outfit and are becoming a popular choice for special occasions.

Flower crowns are taking the fashion world by storm today. Despite the fact that they’re hugely popular during weddings, they’re not really a new idea. The flower halo is steeped in tradition and meaning and has been a popular accessory for centuries.

The flower crowns have been there since the time of the ancient Greeks and used in various religious ceremonies in medieval Europe. However, none of us do it quite as good as the Ukrainians today.

Ukrainian flower crowns are more often seen at festivals and special occasions, including weddings. Check out some of the gorgeous flower crowns below.


Beautiful Hutsul Bridal Headdress

Beautiful Flower Crown

It Just Gets Better and Better

The Flower Crowns Look So Detailed

This Girl Must Be Really Lucky to Wear It

The Crowns Look So Unique and Well Designed