Brilliant Packing Hacks For Your Next Holiday

Packing for a trip can be quite a tough task, especially when you are off for more than a month to a different country. Either you are concerned about trying to save space or probably even carrying liquid toiletries. We understand that and thus compiled a list of hacks that will be useful while you pack your bags for your next big trip. You are sure to thank us.

    1. Packing cubes

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A great way to ensure you are organised and planned for your trip is to invest in these packing cubes. They also help is saving space.

2.  Roll Clothes 

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Rolling clothes also ensures that you have enough and more space for you T-shirts.

3. Place Shoes in a shower cap 

To avoid spoiling your clothes, it is a great hack to keep your shoes in a shower cap and place it in your bags.

4. Pack your make up in the most efficient way

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Firstly seal all your liquids in order to avoid any leakage.

Then place it in a clear bag.

5. Use a clip to protect your razor blade 

 6. For your jewellery 

In order to keep you earrings in a safe place, lens box can be a great place.

Avoid tangling of necklaces by inserting a straw.

7. Hair appliances 

Use an oven mitt to keep your hair appliances safe.

8. A final tip for a great vacation 

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And, if you need any more tips this video is sure to make you ready for your vacation:

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