Can People Really Levitate Or Fly?


Is Levitation really possible? Is it like the sleight of hand that magicians use or an  optical illusion?  According to a Yoga Master “Human beings are naturally wired for levitation! We have lost this skill because of our poor lifestyle and breathing practices. Levitation is nothing but the side-effect of a balanced samana energy. All you need is to balance this energy through the correct processes – and of course, the guru’s initiation.”

With reference to Levitation, Master Li Hongzhi has said in the Book Zhuan Falun ’The great heavenly circuit directly involves practicing gong. Thus, it brings about different conditions and forms of gong. It will also bring us a very special state. What state is it? Everyone may have read this phrase called “levitation in broad daylight” (bairi feisheng)  in ancient books such as A Biography of Immortals,  Dan Jing, Tao Zang, or Xingming Guizhi. It means that a person can levitate in broad daylight. In fact, let me tell you that a person can levitate once the great heavenly circuit is opened—it is just that simple. Some people will think that there are quite a few people whose great heavenly circuits have opened after so many years of practice. I would even say that it is not inconceivable for tens of thousands of people to have reached this level, because the great heavenly circuit is, after all, only the beginning step in cultivation practice.

Then, why hasn’t anyone seen these people levitate or seen them take off into the air? The state of ordinary human society cannot be disturbed, and neither can the form of ordinary human society be casually disrupted or altered. How can it be allowed for everybody to fly in the air? Will that be an ordinary human society? This is one primary aspect. From another perspective, human beings do not live among everyday people to be human, but to return to their original, true selves. So there is an issue of being enlightened to it. If one sees that many people can indeed levitate, one will also want to practice cultivation, and there will not be the issue of enlightening. Therefore, if you can levitate through cultivation, you should not casually show it to others or demonstrate it to others, as they also need to practice cultivation. Consequently, after your great heavenly circuit is opened, you will not be able to levitate if your finger tip, toe tip, or a certain part of your body is locked.