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Was The Moon Landing Faked?

It’s now been over four decades since Neil Armstrong took his “giant leap for mankind” — if, that is,


First Grader’s Kindness Will Melt Your Heart!

This story of friendship between two first graders is amazing. Fighting cancer is a very hard period in life.


This Little Girl Will Change The Way You Look at Things

Meet Lacey Merrified the girl who was born with no arms. But that doesn’t limit her to keep moving


Meet The Sheep That Thinks She Is A Dog

Meet Pet, the orphaned lamb who was raised in the Scottish Highlands by four collies, and now thinks she’s


Not A Tree House But A Tree Inside The House

Aibek Almasov is a young and promising architect from Kazakhstan. A unique futuristic project called the Glass House has made


Is The Sixth Sense in Animals Closer To God?

When we tend to talk about Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), we limit ourselves to human beings. But out there

Holy Crab! These Arthropods Can Grow Up To One Meter Long

Christmas Island, a territory of Australia is home to more crabs than humans. Mark Pierrot, a holidaymaker is going to


Want Some Non-Stop Awesome Action?

Get ready for some shots of Adrenalin! People Are Awesome is dedicated to those who thrive on pushing the

Dive Into The Mysterious Underwater Cities of The World

There is a whole world of fascinating underwater cities that today are nothing more than lost memories of the past. The

Harmony of the Seas: The World’s Largest Passenger Ship

Harmony of the Seas is the world’s largest cruise ship operated by Royal Caribbean International. The ship began her maiden

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