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How You Can Build Your Creative Confidence

You are not alone when you think you are not creative. In fact, we are all born creative but


Magic that Makes You See Yourself Dance Like A Baby!

In this fascinating video adults see themselves as babies in their reflections and an epic dance party ensues. The


Watch Students Hatch A Chicken From An Egg Without A Shell!

This might seem like mere trickery, but a video shows students from Japan hatch a chicken from an egg


Could Sound Levitation Be The Secret Behind The Great Pyramids?

It is believed that the Great Pyramids were built with the help of sound levitation! Did the Ancient Egyptians

World’s Largest Pyramid Is Hidden Inside A Mountain

Archaeology is a very interesting and intriguing field as it helps us discover amazing facts about the past. The pyramids

Some of The Best Photos of Space Captured This Year

From discovering burping black holes to exploding supernovas, 2016 has been full of accomplishments in space. NASA has been at the


World’s First Solar Panel Road Unveiled In France

France seems to be taking solar panelling from the roofs to the streets. The one kilometer road is located


Handsfree Smart Suitcase Follows You!

Whether you’re going on a short trip or a long holiday, luggage of any size can be laborious to


Iceland Builds Turbine To Withstand High Gales

Iceland is a strong example of how renewable energy can power a modern economy. The country already runs on 100%


The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

Things get to disappear in our lives ever so often. But when ships and airplanes go missing in the

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