This Chocolate Dessert Blooms Into a Sweet Amalgamation of Flavors

Blooming flowers have always been the most spectacular sight to watch.

But what if we told you that there is a chocolate dessert that blooms to tastiness. Well, we are not kidding at all.

Part of the 45 Euro tasting menu at Ipsylon restaurant in Hotel The Oitavos, Portugal the ‘dark forest’ is delighting guests with its charming look.

The dessert is the works of Chef Joaquim Sousa.

The ‘dark forest’ when it makes its entry on to your table looks like a chocolate flower wrapped around a colorful filling of  sour cherries, sour cherries sorbet, chocolate mousse,  and whipped cream.

We don’t know about you, but these ingredients are already tempting our taste buds. This is just not the only fascinating part. But wait for this, when hot catalan cream is poured onto the plate the most magical moment appears. The chocolate petals spread out and you are then exposed to one of the most flavorful desserts.

The dessert seems more than perfect, and we are sure that the flavor hits the spot perfectly too.


Image Source: Instagram