Some Cool And Ingenious Ways To Start A Fire


When you’re out camping or trekking in the wild its not necessary that you need a matchbox or a lighter with you to start a fire. One of the basics of survival is the knowledge of how to build a fire and something that every prepper or survivalist should know.

The video below features a number of tricks that teach you how to build a fire without using matchsticks, flint or lighters. Items like a glass bulb, plastic, water and some tinder are more than sufficient to start a fire.

The foil that is used to wrap food or probably even your chewing gum can be used to start fire. You need to connect the metallic side of the foil with the positive and negative ends of a battery and then you’ll see the foil burning.

To know more, check out the video which provides you with the tips and tricks to start a fire.