Dog packs his own bag and leaves home in grief

Look around you and you will see how technology is dominating our lives. Be it the TV, Internet or the smart phone, you are just so addicted to it. If something goes wrong with them, you are at a loss and there is a void in your life! You don’t realize you have become a slave to them and you shut yourself in a world that becomes more and more isolated.
The main goal of technology is to make life easier, perform daily tasks more efficiently and entertain you. It does these jobs very well, but it robs you of the small opportunities to bond with others.
Nowadays, you have access to the whole world, but at the same time, the whole world also has access to you. In effect, you have less time and attention for the people around you. All of those attention thieves make you more indifferent. These attention thieves alienate you further from your family and even your pets. Yes, pets that respond to your love and give you back hours of fun also feel neglected when you ignore them or push them away.

Watch this incredible video where the dog tries to draw the attention of the boy who is watching TV. The dog tries all antics but when the boy continues to ignore, he decides to pack his bag with his favorite bone, brush and bowl and leaves home in grief!