Flying House: The Expression of Movement in Architecture


Built for a young pilot and his family, the ‘Flying House’ is one of the coolest homes located near the Incheon International Airport, South Korea. Designed by Iroje KHM architects, the theme of aviation has been directly applied to the building’s architecture, with soaring roof canopies and dramatically ascending elevations.

The Seoul-based firm has transformed the Korean traditional architect’s spatial and landscape element such as yard, garden and rumaru pavilion into a contemporary housing program. Enclosed behind tall white walls, the dwelling is organized around a centrally-positioned courtyard. From here, stairways lead over the roof of the structure, creating a climbable landscape that enables secluded outdoor living.

Surrounding the courtyard at ground level, the entrance opens to a sunken living room, which in turn, leads to the kitchen and dining areas. Facing the lounge, a wide staircase leads to the second storey, which includes the master bedroom, bathroom and study. This level also includes the ‘rumaru,’ an elevated pavilion that calmly observes its surroundings.

The children’s rooms are located in the uppermost storey. One thing that you’ll notice about this ‘Flying House’ is that nothing is static. Like a bird in flight, everything seems to flow gracefully.

The Flying House In South Korea

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One of the Coolest Houses Ever

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Located Near Incheon International Airport

Unconventional Design

Gives You a Sense of Flying