Grandma’s Text To Wrong Number Goes Viral Online


Wanda Dench meant to text details of her upcoming Thanksgiving dinner plans to her grandson, but accidentally texted a random stranger instead. Now, that wrong number text is going viral online for all the right reasons.

That 17-year-old stranger, Jamal Hinton, is a high school senior who got a text message from a number he didn’t recognize while he was in school. He texted back asking who it was, and Wanda replied back, “It’s your grandma.” Jamal didn’t think it was, but he asked for a photo just to be sure.

Wanda sent Jamal a photo, and he replied with a selfie of his own to let her know that they weren’t related. But then he did something surprising. He asked if the offer of Thanksgiving dinner still held.

That’s when Wanda did something amazing. After she got over the embarrassment of sending a dinner invitation and selfie to the wrong number, she told this complete stranger that of course he was still invited. She let him know that she’d save him a plate because ‘that’s what grandmas do. Feed everyone.’

Jamal posted screenshot images of their conversation on Twitter with the comment that somebody’s grandma was ‘coming in clutch this year!!’