Heart-Shaped Braids Designed by Dads For Their Adorable Daughters

Valentine’s day is approaching and its approaching soon.

But we haven’t seen anything sweeter than this. A group on Facebook called  “Daddy Daughter Hair Factory” held a special contest for Valentines day  to see who would come up with the best heart shaped braid.

For those who are unaware, Daddy daughter hair factory consists of a group of dads that take free hair classes in their community.

Through this the dads spend a wonderful time with their daughters.

Their braid style’s are definitely a cute inspiration for this Valentine’s Day!

  1. Side heart braids

2. Heart Bun

3. Hair You’ll Heart

4.  Love Bun


5. Heart Ponytail

6. Triple Braided Hearts

7. So adorable

8. The details in this one are so precise

9. Heart-shaped criss-cross braids

10.  Heart-shaped Cornrows

Image Source: Facebook

Watch these Daddies work: