Life Without Limbs: Artist Inspires Thousands With Her Strong Will Power

This artist will change the way you see the world. Zuly Sanguino was born with a rare condition genetic condition called Tetra-amelia syndrome which leaves her with no rams and legs but that doesn’t hold her back.

This 25-year old’s story is so touching that it will change your perspective of life and make you believe that you should be contend with what you have.

Zuly who was born in Columbia  hasn’t had it easy from her young age, she was only two when her father committed suicide.  At school she was often bullied due to her rare condition and people abused her.  She was also raped as a teenage and had suicidal thoughts when she was 15.

But life has taken a turn for this young girl, she now is a very talented artist who sells her paintings and also gives motivational speeches at different places inspiring the world. Her life has got a purpose.  She has made various appearances on television and radio too.

Zuly’s mother, Guillermina has played a great role in her life helping her to overcome her limitations and making her believe that she could do everything and was like everyone else. Her mother taught her to make her bed and brush her teeth at very early age.

She also does her own make up by using her mouth to hold things. Zuly also went to an art college at the age of 18 and learnt how to paint by holding the brush in her mouth.

Zuly’s determination and faith has proved that no disability can hold you back if you want achieve something in your life.

Image Source: Instagram