Meet The Artist Who Brings Fishes To Life With 3D Painting


Riusuke Fukahori is a Japanese artist best known for his resin-based, three-dimensional goldfish paintings that have an incredible optical illusion. His goldfish creations are so lifelike that they could start swimming right before your eyes.

When he was struggling with artistic vision, his pet goldfish became a source of fascination and inspiration for him. His unique style of painting uses acrylic on clear resin which is poured into containers, resulting in a 3D appearance and lifelike vitality.

Just like a 3D printer, the artist paints the fish layer by layer, with the sandwiched slices revealing slightly more about each creature. The optical illusion aspect and the rich depth of the pieces is sure to stun the spectator.

Let’s take a look at some of his amazing masterpieces.


Those Fish Look Too Real

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3D Fish Painting

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Can’t Believe My Eyes!

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Optical Illusion At Its Best

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These 3D Goldfish Are Too Awesome

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Simply Gorgeous

A Fantastic Piece of Art