Ming Dynasty Buddha Statue Emerges From Water


Our world is so full of wonders that some amazing stuff is discovered every now and then. Recently a villager in Jiangxi Province spotted a 600-year-old Buddha statue in the depths of the Hongmen Reservoir following a drop in the water levels.

A team of underwater archaeologists quickly made their way to investigate the area and revealed that the statue was built over 350 years ago and a temple may have existed there.

The Buddha stature measures around 12.5 feet in height and is carved into the face of a cliff. Studies reveal that it was built during the Ming Dynasty which reigned in China from 1368-1644 A.D.

The face of the Buddha gazes serenely across the water and has attracted a lot of tourists and locals, who see it as an auspicious sign. The statue may not be the only ancient monument in the reservoir as a temple base has also been found.

Local records state that the reservoir was built on the ruins of an ancient town called Xiaoshi. This town was an important trade center between Jiangxi and Fujian provinces.

The statue will be submerged again in March, with the arrival of the spring floods. Experts are studying the underwater situation for further research as well as working on a preservation plan.