Parkorman Park: A Love Story Between People And Nature


Istanbul, popularly known as the gateway between Asia and Europe, is one the most beautiful cities in the world. However, rampant urbanization has seen the city lose most of its green space with places where families can gather, relax and have fun becoming few and far between. New York-based studio Dror has proposed a solution to Istanbul’s limited green spaces with the Parkorman Park, six miles north of the city center.

Envisioned as “a love story between people and nature,” the Parkorman forest park will give people a chance to swing through the forest, explore hidden pathways into treetops, relax by reflecting pools, play in giant ball pits and even bounce on giant trampolines. Dror’s master plan for Parkorman is a web of possibilities; a living system of places for visitors to explore. Instead of dictating one’s path through the park, visitors write their own experience.

The park has five different zones, each designed to provoke emotion. The Plaza is an open space that introduces the visitors to nature, The Loop allows visitors to float above the forest floor in swings and hammocks, The Pool consists of giant ball pits that invite people to dive in, The Chords allow guests to bounce up and down the treeline on trampolines, and finally The Grove offers a maze-like sculpture trail leading through the landscape.

Non-linear pathways connect the sections and a cube-shaped frame that sends water down all four sides called ‘The Fountain of Clarity’ finishes off the unique attractions. The designers believe that the sum of these experiences will forge a more intimate relationship between the public and the natural landscape.

Looks Like a Maze

The Treetop Trampoline

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A Metropol Paradise

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A Venue for Summer Events

Gently Swaying Hammocks to Laze In

Cube-shaped Fountain

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