Its Pink and Its Loud: Scientists Discover New Shrimp That Kills With Sound


Scientists recently discovered a new species of shrimp with a strikingly bright pink claw and have named it after the legendary rock band – Pink Floyd. A team of scientists from Seattle University, the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and Brazil’s Universidade Federal de Goias discovered the shrimp on the Pacific coast of Panama.

The pistol shrimp, named ‘Synalpheus pinkfloydi,’ has a distinctive pink snapping claw which it uses to stun prey with sonic energy. By closing its enlarged claw at rapid speed, the shrimp creates a high-pressure cavitation bubble, the implosion of which results in one of the loudest sounds in the ocean. Any small fish nearby is in danger of being stunned or even killed.

The sonic blast can reach up to 210 decibels, more than a shotgun firing (130 decibels) and louder than your average rock concert (110 to 140 decibels). For a split-second, the imploding bubble also generates temperatures of 4,400 Celsius, which is nearly as hot as the surface of the sun.

The shrimp was named by Sammy De Grave, the Head of Research at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. A lifelong Pink Floyd fan, De Grave said, “I have been listening to Floyd since The Wall was released in 1979, when I was 14 years old.” He claimed that the discovery of this pink shrimp was the perfect opportunity to honor his favorite band.

Shrimp With the Pink Claw

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Kills With Sound