Rabbit Hole Reveals The Secret World of The Knights Templar


In the village of Shropshire, England, an apparently ordinary rabbit hole in a farmer’s field leads to a mysterious network of caves. It is believed that the ancient space belonged to the Knights Templar, a medieval religious order that fought in the crusades.

These incredible caves are hidden less than a meter beneath the farmer’s field. It contains beautifully carved arches, a font and a network of walkways that remain structurally untouched. While some estimate the cave to be 700 years old, others believe that the complex was built by the followers of the Templars in the 17th century.

There are many inscriptions on the walls and the labyrinth is lit with candles. Considering how long it’s been there and its amazing condition, the cave is like an underground temple. There are rumors the caves have also been visited by pagans and druids wanting to hold their secret ceremonies.

Birmingham-based photographer Michael Scott managed to visit these caves and came back with pictures of the remarkable underground network.

Looks Like a Rabbit Hole on the Outside

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A Stunning View of What’s on the Inside