This Russian Spiderman Is Either Crazy Or Fearless


Oleg Cricket is a 25-year old Siberian who resides in Moscow, Russia. He is a man who has zero fear of heights and defies gravity. His actions and stunts will take you on a tour of the city in ways that you couldn’t even imagine.

Even the most seasoned athletes wouldn’t dare to perform the stunts of this Russian daredevil. There doesn’t seem to be anything Oleg isn’t capable of doing hundreds of metres in the air. Whether it is climbing up a crane’s ladders without using his hands, leaping over rooftops, or a full handstands on a skyscraper’s edge.

Oleg says, “Fear has never stopped me. I’ve never experienced it. I’m actually curious to feel what ordinary people feel. Maybe I was born with some disorder, absence of fear factor, I don’t know.” He has taken Red Bull TV’s show, Urbex to another level with his death-defying stunts and photography.

Check out one of his stupefying videos below: