Scrap Metal Turned Into Works of Art


Raymond Guest is a self-taught welder and artist who resides in Longview, Texas. His adventures in picking began when he took a trip to Vail, Colorado, and visited a gallery that had vintage items.

He was a picker for 18 years before his creative eye told him there was more to do with the junk than just reselling it. So he began re-purposing it, creating furniture and artwork that he sells nationwide through his brand, Recycled Salvage.

Benches made of tailgates, chair with armrests made from WWI missile projectiles are some of his unique creations. Materials used in each piece provides it with qualities such as grace, balance, strength, and endurance. Each piece is special as it tells a story of time, place, and about his own life experiences.

Guest’s view is that the US is a throwaway society. People do not tend to keep the good for a long time even if it is still useful. Art comes in many forms and Guest is using his skills to show everyone how to go green.

Check out some of his fantastic works below.


Coffee Table, A Best-Seller

Metal Stools

Chair Made From Scarp Metal