See How Discarded CD’s Turn Into Beautiful Sculptures

What do most of us do with a broken CD or Dvd? Throw it away. Right? But this South African born artist who is currently residing in Australia makes use of these in the most unusual way. When we say unusual, we are referring to it being mind blowing.

Sean Avery a teacher, writer-illustrator, and sculptor has gained international attention for reusing electric waste.

Most of his sculptures portray mammals and various other animals.

Of course this intricate pieces of art require a lot of time and patience.

Check out some of his marvelous work:

1. This monkey took 2 weeks of work time to be completed. And the result is awesome

2. The CD hedgehog who goes on an adventure 

3. A husky puppy


4.  This humming bird definitely seems very intricate

5. This rat was made entirely with CD shard

All images via Facebook/ Sean E Avery