Shocking: How Nature Ultimately Wins Its Battle Against Civilization


If you are under the impression that the eternal confrontation between humans and nature will see no winners, think again. We may think that our civilization is solid and unshakable, but ultimately its grip on nature is tenuous at best.

Once there is a crack in a building, a ship is abandoned or a broken machine is left unattended for a certain period of time, we’ve seen how quickly vegetation starts to take control of it. In other words, nature begins to reassert its grip.

Footages in movies and TV shows and topics in books have all given an idea of what the Earth might look like long after we’re gone. Many cities would be reclaimed by nature in a couple of years and famous landmarks of human civilization will also make way for nature.

The below images are powerful examples of how various objects created by man have all become a part of the natural landscape.

Old Mill in Sorrento, Italy

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Abandoned Ming Town, Namibia

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Nature Takes Over Fishing Village, China

100-Year Old Ship, Sydney

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Tree in a Piano, California


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Fish Overtake an Abandoned Mall in Thailand

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An Old Ferris Wheel

Angkor Vat, Cambodia

Car Cemetery, Belgium

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Bicycle Eaten by a Tree