Shockingly Realistic Watercolor Paintings by Joe Francis Dowden


Joe Francis Dowden is a professional British artist specializing in painting landscapes and seascapes in watercolor. He is an accomplished painter with an international reputation, capable of creating hyper-realistic or photo-realistic paintings in watercolor.

Joe captures the essence of landscape details and his watercolor paintings of the river, forest and seascapes are popular for their amazing beauty and perfect look. He is the master of painting extraordinarily realistic water, from a muddy puddle in a lane to beautiful reflections on a lake.

His amazing works appear so real and lifelike that it’s hard to believe it was accomplished using only watercolors. The artist states that the whole concept of painting lies in the regular practice and enhancement of one’s technique and is convinced that everyone can paint.

Joe doesn’t hide his secret, but shares it gladly with his students and online. He says that the secret of his magical paintings lies in one simple fact: he spends less time studying professionally written books and captures the details of his works by heading into the forest and embracing nature.

Mind-blowing Art

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Can’t Believe Its Created Using Watercolors

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Hyper-realistic Paintings

What A Talent!

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Incredibly Beautiful

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The Artist Captures Every Known Detail