Could Sound Levitation Be The Secret Behind The Great Pyramids?


It is believed that the Great Pyramids were built with the help of sound levitation!

Did the Ancient Egyptians have advanced scientific knowledge unknown to us?  Is this how the Great Pyramid was built and how other objects they produced that defy explanation in the conventional sense were made? Does this mean that the Ancient Egyptians knew how to do sonic levitation?  At this time, all we can say is that from basic principles of sonic levitation,  the structural design of the pyramid (especially the King’s Chamber), and recent research in levitation – the possibility is there.  Much more research needs to be done but this is an area that needs to be pursued. Is there any evidence that this was used either from historical records or recent scientific experiments?

For more than a century, scientists have proposed the idea of using the pressure of sound waves to make objects float in the air. As sound waves travel, they produce changes in the air pressure — squishing some air molecules together and pushing others apart.

By placing an object at a certain point within a sound wave, it’s possible to perfectly counteract the force of gravity with the force exerted by the sound wave, allowing an object to float in that spot.