Be Spellbound By These Enchanted Worlds In a Wooden Ring

Imagine owning a ring in the world that is just made for you. Sounds fascinating right? Wait, for it to get more fascinating. Now imagine, a little tiny world in these rings, doesn’t that thought itself transport you right away into a magical world.
Okay, we aren’t kidding but Canadian jewelry maker Secret Wood definitely creates magical wooden rings that have tiny and mystical worlds in them.

Check them out for yourself and be wowed with these amazing creations:

1.  A frozen enchanted forest

2. The Beautiful Aurora Borealis

3. “First snowflakes covering the blossom forest” 

4. Green Trees Magic 

5. The details of this one are so on point 

6. We just don’t seem to get enough of these tiny creations 

7.  Doesn’t this warm your hearts?

We aren’t too sure about you but for us these rings make us want to order them immediately.

Bonus: This compilation video is absolutely mesmerizing


Feature Image Via @Secret Wood