Stunning Video Of A Male Zebra Helping A Female Zebra Deliver An Offspring


A female zebra about to give birth, suddenly gets unconscious due to severe labor pains, when  the male zebra attempts to revive the female so that she does not die and in the process  lose the unborn baby too.

The male zebra tugs at the ears and prods till the female zebra regains consciousness.Then the male zebra helps in the delivery of the offspring by assisting her superbly during her struggle.

After she delivers, she gets angry and attempts to kill the newborn because of the trauma she underwent during delivery. Once again the male zebra comes to the rescue of the baby protecting it against the female zebra’s kicks to kill the offspring.

The male makes a valiant attempt to save the newborn from the angry mother and finally succeeds in reviving the baby and bringing the female to her senses. It truly depicts compassion, courage and superb paternal affection. How we can learn so much from the animal world and nature.

Pictures courtesy YouTube video   Featured Image courtesy Mirror UK(Photo: Don Charles / Barcroft)