This Teen’s Incredible Flexibility Will Blow Your Mind

This 15-year-old teenager is not like any of your ordinary teenagers. Sofie Dossi, is a self taught contortionist, hand balancer, and aerialist. Recently she has taken the internet by a storm for her amazing ability.

Your fist look at Sofie Is sure to blow your socks away. Her flexibility will make you question if the human body can really bend so much.

Sofie, has been a competitive gymnast, dancer  and has constantly been developing her foundation in strength and flexibility.

But the big question is how did Sofie get into contortion? She was 12 when she started watching a youtube video on contortion and started practicing these skills at home according to her website.

Her incredible flexibility and strength is not the only thing that people have been raving about. She can shoot a bow and arrow with her feet, and also score a basket all with her legs.

This teenager has been called to perform at various corporate events and been wowing audiences world over.

Take a look at some of her skills, and we are sure you will be blown away too:

1.Riding on a hover board is itself hard for us but look at her balance. Simple wow!

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 2. Isn’t her flexibility making your drop your jaws?

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3. How many of us can really curl around our body? 

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4. In honour of meeting Ellen, Sophie painted her toe nails with “Ellen”

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5. Unbeatable control 

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6. Immense strength  

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6.  Bow and arrow with her feet 

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BONUS: The basketball trick 

Image Source: Instagram