How to Turn Your Broken Pots Into Creative Works of Art


It is spring time and you need to get your gardening gloves on. When you step into your garden or backyard where your collection of flower pots were laid, don’t feel disheartened if you see any of them cracked or broken.

New trends emerge in gardening too and gardeners from around the world have proven that even a broken pot can be useful and made to look really nice. Those of you having a green thumb and plenty of imagination can turn your pots into miniature fairy gardens. You can involve your kids in this fun-filled project too.

While some gardeners work with accidentally broken shards from a flower pot, most of the unique and detailed creations come from carefully planned out designs. The procedure for getting the exact cut involves soaking the pot in water, and then using a craft drill or file to weaken the part you want to break off.

Be sure to wear a protective mask and use a hammer when you’re ready to fully break a piece off. You can then fill the pot with soil and arrange the shards in any way you like. Get ready to admire some of the most creative works below.

Miniature Landscape From Broken Pot

A Beautiful Creation

A Succulent Garden

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Creativity Has No Limits

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Garden for Miniature Fairies

Wow! This is Simply Astounding!

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