The Ultimate Self Watering Flowerpot

The Natural Balance is made from high quality ceramic and available in variation of matte colors. Cool Grey, Mint Green, and Pastel Pink.

The perfect self-watering flowerpot, which tips over when a refill is needed. Carefully handcrafted ceramics, made in the Netherlands.

“Natural Balance” by a company in the Netherlands production will tell us when to plant needs watering.

This flowerpot contains a water reservoir, that feeds the plant gradually throughout the weeks.
When the reservoir is empty, the pot tips slightly, to let you know that a refill is needed.
Simply refill it, and the flowerpot returns to its upright position.


The flowerpot has an integrated water reservoir, which keeps the plant’s soil hydrated. The pot and the reservoir are divided by a water-permeable part, made from earthenware. This material lets water gradually through, only when the plant needs it, and prevents it from soaking the soil.


Simply refill the reservoir and the flowerpot will return to its upright position.


The reservoir has a large volume that can nurture a plant for up to 28 days


To fit plants with different weights and shapes, the pivoting point is adjustable by a magnetic slider.
Plants like herbs, cactus’s or succulents with a maximum diameter 15 cm / 6 inch will fit The Natural Balance.