Urban Waste Put To The Best: Taipei’s Public Park Welded with Recycled Lamp Posts

When Taiwan decides to recycle its urban waste, a beautiful playground is formed. The Swings Park in Taipei is the best example of recycling done at its best.

This public playground was made with dozens of unwanted lamp posts. The project is the brain child of Taipei-based design studio City Yeast and Spanish art collective Basurma, two groups that aim to produce experimental design as positive activations for a city’s infrastructure and its residents.

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Painted bright yellow this park that lies in one the busiest over passes and is really hard to ignore.

The swing park has swings made of recycled tyres, and hammock like nets providing a space of rest and activity.

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 The design was a part of the world design capital 2016 contest. The swing’s park will be kept in the same location for the whole of 2017.

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