Watch this Dog do step for step the most incredible Dance Routine


When Britain’s Got Talent was launched, it was expected that the show would make some unlikely stars. But no one predicted that a Border collie would be among them.

And yet it has happened.

Kate and Gin may not have won the top prize but they captured the nation’s hearts with their bizarre, but genuinely uplifting, dance routine.

Britain’s Got Talent stars Kate Nicholson and her dog Gin have put her difficult schooldays behind them and enjoyed national recognition

Since then, they have become immersed in the celebrity circus. After the grand finale of Britain’s Got Talent, there was a national tour, where Gin got the chance to perform in front of thousands every evening. Then the pair signed with an agent, with a view to a career in film. They were frequent guests at showbiz parties and premieres.

Kate and Gin charmed viewers of Britain’s Got Talent with their dance routine

Kate says it is one of the most rewarding things she has ever done. ‘I’ve always been really passionate about the fact that people can train their dogs to do the most amazing things,’ she says. ‘This is my chance to show others some of the techniques I have used. It isn’t just about tricks and dancing, though. It also covers the basics about what it is really like to own a pet’.

There was always something a little poignant about Kate’s story, and her own determination to overcome other people’s prejudices. Bullied at school, then college, because of her almost obsessive interest in all things doggy, she was touchingly upfront about the fact that Gin was her best friend in the world. She wasn’t afraid to go on national television and talk with pride about a subject that had her school friends, back home in Whitchurch, Shropshire, sniggering.

Gin wasn’t easy to train – she was a nightmare’ says Kate, who has written a book about her experiences

She is uncomfortable talking about herself. But when it comes to being on stage she is in her elements. ‘The minute I walk out there, something comes over me,’ she explains. ‘It’s the same with Gin. I can feel it. She’s got so used to performing now that when we go to a venue, she heads straight for the stage, and can’t wait to get up there. There’s never any question of me having to convince her to perform. Actually, it’s stopping her performing that is more difficult.’                                                                                                                   Watch the video: