You Will Be Dwarfed By This Massive Statue Of Guan Yu In China

This massive statue of Guan Yu in Jingzhou China is sure to blow your mind.
At a towering height of 58 meters and weighing about 1320 tonnes this enormous statue has 4000 strips of bronze glued to it.
For those who aren’t aware about this prominent figure – he is also known as the the “Chinese War God”. Guan Yu was a General during the Three Kingdoms period.  He symbolizes brotherhood, integrity, loyalty and righteousness.

The statue which is right in the center of Jingzhou’s Guan Yu Park was designed by Han Meilin.

What seems to appear just a statue  has a massive museum of 8000 sq m inside it allowing visitors to explore the space.


On his right hand this epic statue depicts Guan Yun holding an axe like weapon. Don’t be too surprised but this weapon itself weighs over 136 tonnes.

So on your next trip to China, be sure to discover this towering sculpture.